Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy

It is hard to believe that January is almost over! Where did the month go? Since I was pregnant bringing in the new year, I couldn’t really make any new year’s resolutions connected to my weight or health, since growing a human takes a lot of work. Even though I may be 22 weeks pregnant, my ultimate goal to have a healthy pregnancy for baby


Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy


Stay Hydrated:

Healthy Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I stopped drinking all pop which made me drink more water. So increasing my water intake was easier for me than I thought it would be. Of course, some days I do struggle to keep drinking enough water, but on the days I drink water, it is amazing how much better I feel!


Enjoy the Extra Sleep:

During the early stages of my pregnancy, I always felt bad for sleeping so much. Now that I am almost 23 weeks pregnant, I know I need my sleep, and do not feel bad for sleeping a little extra these weeks! I guess it is the one good thing about being married to a man on third shift.. getting the bed to myself!

(Read my post-Goodbye Second Shift Blues to find out all about our transition!)


Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy

Take Notice of Your Weight:

Let’s be honest here… I am one to gain weight pretty easy, so gaining a lot of excess weight during my pregnancy always worried me a little. I knew I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy, but I also knew I did not want to gain excessive weight!

The Nokia Body+ Smart Scale is such an easy way to keep track of your weight! It has special modes for momma’s who are pregnant just like me! I know it will also keep track of the postpartum weight loss! Currently, I am weighing my self-weekly, or really whenever I feel up to it!

Also, the Nokia Body+ Smart Scale can track up to 8 different people, all from the free Health Mate app, which makes it even easier to see your weight loss progress! The sleek style of the Nokia Body+ Smart Scale, let’s me keep it out in the bathroom, and the batteries will last up to 18 months which is great because I know after having this baby changing my scales batteries is the last thing that will be on my mind!


Stay Active For A Healthy Pregnancy:

For me, this one was easy! We are going through a whole house remodel and doing a lot of the work ourselves, it was easy to stay active. I actually overdid it a couple days and had to remind myself that I growing a little baby, and that baby needs me to take it easy! But, I do believe that staying active, and not letting yourself to use the excuse of “I’m Pregnant” to get out of things, helps a lot! I think this is one of the main reasons my weight gain has been minimal, now I know the bigger I get, the harder it will be for me to stay active, but while I can be active, I am trying!

Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy


Don’t Stress Over Gaining Weight:


Trust me, I really miss wearing my non-maternity pants, but I know time will fly by, and before I know it our little one will be here, and be a year old! I am trying to enjoy it all, the weight gain and the heartburn since it was a struggle to get to this point!

Actually, let’s be real.. The only maternity pants I own are leggings… I bought 4 pairs, and wear them all the time! I really need to find some good maternity jeans soon!

Ready a little about our infertility & pregnancy announcement here.


What are your tips for a healthy pregnancy?

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Positive Endings to Infertility


There are some things that many people don’t talk about. Infertility. Many choose to keep their infertility struggle a secret, to make it easier on them. ( I was one of the people), at the time, I didn’t want people to know. I didn’t want them to ask what was going on, what was the next step, I only wanted to talk about our process when I was ready. Then after many months of trying, you get what you have been wishing a praying for, you’re pregnant. All those months of infertility are in the past, people don’t tell their stories. They are looking to the future, and not in the past anymore.


That is why I have collected some women that have gone through infertility, in case you are going through this and you feel alone, please know you are not.


Know you are not alone if you are going through infertility.


Because I like to think I’ve overcome in other ways. I’m stronger for it and I’m not ashamed of it- so many women feel like it’s something they did and they’re to blame…but that’s just NOT the case. I lost my first pregnancy, my daughter, at 18 weeks. She’s now my guardian angel and has taught me so much about a condition I never even knew existed until it happen to me and I lost her. I’ve educated SO many Drs (Yes, I’ve educated them!) on my condition and the steps I’ve taken to beat my condition. So, although I don’t have my rainbow miracle yet, I’m hopeful it’ll happen someday…but I do believe my husband and I have overcome infertility but not allowing it to overcome Us. -Meghan

My husband and I started trying to have children as soon as we got married. After a year with no success, off to the doctor, we went. We were referred to our fertility facility and began immediately with testing. No problems were found with either of us and we underwent 4 IUI’s within 7 months. All 4 IUI’s were unsuccessful. On to IVF! Over the next 12 months, I gave myself hundred of shots (hubby had to help with the progesterone ones in the butt), took hundreds of pills and was at the doctor’s 3 times a week for the entire duration. I was put to sleep 5 times for 5 retrievals and underwent 5 transfers (some with up to 4 grade A embryos)! All attempts failed and we were convinced we couldn’t have children. We were exhausted physically and mentally, but we decided to try one more time! On our 6th retrieval and 6th transfer, we ended up pregnant with our little miracle baby girl! Seeing that little heartbeat for the first time made it all worth it! We would do it all over again to have her. Infertility is nerve-racking, hard on your marriage, physically and mentally exhausting, but in the end, we were rewarded with the best gift we could have ever received! – Megan


When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby we never thought we would have such a hard time. We decided that I would go off birth control. While On birth control I had regular periods so after my 1st missed period we were so excited and nervous and then a negative test. Negative test after negative test was more disappointment. I then started buying ovulation tests to narrow down when we could get pregnant. Again those were negative. We had been trying for nine months and it began to weigh on me. Trying for a baby became work and after I would often cry because I never knew if it would happen for us and that was heartbreaking. It seemed like everyone around us was able to get pregnant right away. I was happy for them but also really sad for us. Every time someone would ask when we were going to have kids my heart broke even more. I felt like I was letting my husband down. after nine months of no period and negative pregnancy test, I was sent for a MRI to try to get some answers. That MRI showed that I had a prolactinoma. A brain Tumor in the pituitary gland. The Tumor stopped me from ovulating. After getting these results I was sent to a specialist. We had to reduce the Tumor before we could continue trying. After more months and with use of medication my Tumor was decreasing. Finally, after over a year, we were able to conceive.


We had our baby boy! We wanted to try for a second baby but yet again my Tumor was slowly growing when I was not on medication. I had to start on the medication again but this time after only 2 months we were pregnant with our second boy. Even though we are done having kids I still have my brain Tumor that needs to be monitored. After my experience with infertility, I will never again ask someone WHEN they are going to have kids. They may not be able to or have been trying for far too long and I know that heartbreaking feeling. – Shannon


I remember that feeling of seeing a positive pregnancy test for the first time after seeing all negatives for 2 years!!! I still think about that years later and what an amazing feeling that was!! We struggled with infertility for 2 years. Went through all the tests to see if they could find anything wrong and they came up with nothing. I researched on my
own and did some reading on endometriosis. I brought it up to my fertility doctor and my ob-gyn and while they weren’t 100% with me on it they sent me to a specialist and he agreed to do the surgery. They found I had severe endo!! We were so anxious to get pregnant we started trying again as soon as I was given the go-ahead after healing from surgery. We also decided to start fertility treatments just in case the surgery didn’t help. Well, the day I received my fertility meds at my door was the same day I got my +. The same exact day!!! 9 months later I delivered a healthy happy beautiful baby boy. Fast forward to 2 years later….we tried to get pregnant again. I took a pregnancy test and got another +. So exciting, no problems this time. At the 12 week ultrasound to our surprise there were TWO babies in there. We had identical twin girls!! I went from thinking it was never going to happen to this beautiful wonderful family!!- Lindsey


InfertilityWe got married at 23 and immediately knew we wanted a large family. However, after months of trying and nothing happening I visited my OBGYN. She put me on birth control for a few months to regulate my cycles. During those few months, my weight ballooned up. Pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement had me depressed and wondering why not me? I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS. The struggle to lose weight became a mountain. I used to be a dancer and now I could barely tie my own shoes. I was embarrassed and knew that if I didn’t control my weight I’d probably never become a mother. Months turned into years. Finally four years into our marriage the doctor said I was in a healthy weight range and that we shouldn’t have any issues conceiving. But those months turned into a year. Finally, I decided on a whim to call a fertility center. They got us in quickly and a whirlwind of testing ensued. Not only did I have issues ovulating, my husband had low morphology which meant getting pregnant on our own was very unlikely. Our doctor sat us down and I was expecting the worst. However, just like that, we decided on IUI. I was prescribed Clomid and ovidrel. We went in knowing the odds weren’t necessarily in our favor. The two-week wait was the worst. Finally, after over five years of trying we are expecting our first in May of 2018. No journey with infertility is the same. No outcome will be the same, but when you can find others who have lived a similar story it makes your journey not seem so scary. Never stop seeking answers. Never stop being your family’s advocate. If we can climb this mountain. You can too!- Samantha


We were 24 and 26 when we started trying to get pregnant, we tried for about 3mo when I felt something was wrong, our doctor had us wait til 6mo so we did, at 6mo of trying my husband was tested and was shown to have a 0 sperm count. Which was devastating. We moved on to a fertility doctor and fertility urologist who figured out my husband is part of the 1 in 4 men who are CF carriers that are infertile. We knew we had to do IVF, so we started the process, found out my husband’s sperm was just stuck (our first sigh of relief), so they removed them, and fertilized them with my eggs. After 2yrs from start to finish we had our son (now 4) and 2yrs after that we had our daughter (now 2), all thanks to our fertility treatments, some amazing doctors, and lots of prayers. -Deziree
I think this is a good reminder to know, we never know what other’s are going through. And if you are one who is going through Infertility, please know you are not alone! We struggled with Infertility, and now on Thursday, I will be 20 weeks along! Check out our pregnancy announcement!
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Immaculate Pizza Roll Ups

Every Christmas our family will do appetizers instead of one large meal on Christmas Eve. This year I was determined to make something that we normally do not make. My husband is a pizza lover, but also a very picky eater, so I thought of something that would be perfect for him! Crescent Roll Pizza Roll-Ups, baked with Organic Immaculate Baking Company, crescent rolls!



Crescent Roll Pizza Roll-Ups


Why are the crescent pizza roll-ups the perfect appetizer?

These took less than 10 minutes to prepare, and were so simple to make! There are just a couple steps to making these Immaculate Pizza Roll-Ups! Just follow these easy couple steps, and in less than 30 minutes you will be enjoying these yummy pizza roll-ups!



1. Start with your organic Immaculate Baking Company Crescent Rolls. 

2. Preheat your oven to 375 & roll crescent rolls out and place them on a greased cookie sheet.

3. Place your cheese, pepperoni, and your other topping at the widest part of your crescent roll.

This is where you get to customize it for all your loved ones, make it spicy by adding some peppers, or spicy sausage, or keep it simple with just cheese and pepperoni.

4. Start rolling them up! *Note I did not put any pizza sauce in these, we just dipped them in, kept it a lot cleaner!

5. Put them in the oven for 13-15 minutes.

6. Thake them out and enjoy with your family!



Head on over to Immaculate Baking Company, to get your $1.00 off coupon now!


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The Knight’s are Expecting!


So it has been almost a year since I have been back in the blogging world, life got busy. It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and 2018 will be here before we know it!

The Big News?

Justin & I are so excited to announce that we are expecting a little one come May 2018!  This has been a long time “in the making” and I hope to explain it a little more, and to bring awareness to Infertility that a lot of young women don’t talk about. I was one of those women, I did not talk about what we went through, while we were going through the process. Looking back, I am still glad that we didn’t tell everyone, trying to get pregnant is enough stress alone, without everyone else wondering, and asking what is the next step.

I am so grateful and blessed that we are having a baby. I know there are a lot of families out there waiting for their month to see those two lines, just know it will happen. The months can be long, and the weeks seem like they go on forever, just don’t give up! Find an infertility specialist that you love, and pray for all the right things to happen! 



It is hard to believe that I will be 13 weeks already tomorrow! Justin and I are so grateful to be having a healthy pregnancy, and can not wait to enjoy the holidays with our families!


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All About Those Blogging Goals

Well, It’s the beginning of the year, and we are all talking about what goals we want to achieve this year. I am HORRIBLE with goals. I set them, and then never follow up with them. But, for now on, I want to keep up with my goals, keep track of them. It could only help myself right? I went looking at my blog, and realized that I did this exact same post at the start of 2016, so I thought.. let’s take a look and see how I did:
Reach 20,000 Social Media Followers– Ugh so close actually, My ending number for social media following was 17,186 (that includes, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my small email list). This My end goal is 30,000 social media followers!

Reach 500 Blog Followers – FAIL. Umm. I don’t really even keep track of that anymore since switching to self-hosted WordPress.

Post Consistently: MAJOR FAIL. Did I mention the 6-month unplanned break I took from blogging? I took that break right after I wrote this post.

Monetize My Blog: Success, I actually received my first paid blog post at the end of the year. I have worked with companies & monetized my Instagram. But I wanted to be able to monetize my blog. I can say at the end of the year, I kicked it in high gear & it paid off!

Interact With My Followers: Sucess, I love to interaction with all my followers, especially on Instagram (Click Here to Find Me On Instagram!)

2017 Blogging Goals:


Post Weekly: I made this goal because I think it is achievable! I know if I say I want to post 2-3 times a week, I will fail. And why make a goal that you know you will fail at? I think this goal is an achievable goal for me! I am starting a new position in my job the beginning of February, and I know that will take up a lot of my time!

Reach 30,00 Social Media Followers- Now this goal is a stretch! That is almost doubling my following now! Combined with, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & my Email subscribers, I want to be at 30,000 people! That seems like a lot, but I know I can do it!

Grow my Email List- Yes, I know it kind of goes with the goal above, but I have never spent time growing my email subscriber list. This is something that would challenge me, but I know I would enjoy. My end of year goal is to get 100 Subscribers to my email! (Want to sign up now? Check the bottom of the post!) 


Surprise! I have a FREE Gift For My Readers!

Sign up for my email below, and receive a free download of the 2017 social media tracker I am using to keep track of my followers! No, blogging is NOT all about the numbers, but if you are working hard on gaining followers, you have to see your process! It is amazing by putting a target on a goal and keeping track, how much easier it is to succeed at your goal!





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Do you keep track of your social media following? If so, what is your target goal for the end of the year?

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Christmas Home Tour Of The Knight Household

Christmas Home Tour


How is Christmas less than a week away? I have no idea! I just love Christmas and everything about it! Our Christmas decorations have been up since before Thanksgiving. Yes, I am that person who puts their decorations up before Thanksgiving, but I love the decorations!


Since this is the 4th Christmas in our house, our Christmas decorations have changed a lot! I am so excited to show your our Christmas decorations this year! I have slowly but surely been getting into the rustic & antique looking decorations & I just love it. Next year I think I might just have to buy a flocked tree. Becuase seeing all of your gorgeous flocked Christmas trees has made me a little jealous!

This area is in our Living/Family Room. The shelf was new this year, we added it when we fixed up the room! The shelf cost less than 20 dollars! And, I love it! It is the perfect shelf to add small and dainty Christmas Decorations!

Shelf Garland  – Similar Wood Clock – Galvanized Letters

Christmas Decor The Knight;s PlaceOur Christmas tree is one of the favorite things in our house! We have two trees in our house, one with colored lights (My amazing husband just had to have colored lights.) And then our other tree has clear lights! I just love the having the tree up, lights on, watching Christmas Movies and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. We opened up a doorway this past spring, so it’s a little tight, but at the end, it all works out perfectly!

Christmas Pillows  – Wrapping Paper – Flocked Christmas Tree

This end table area has to be my second favorite area. This whole area is new this year too! During the spring I made this blanket ladder for less than 5 dollars! And I LOVE it. I have also been using a lot of galvanized items in my house & I love them! Of course, I had to add a little red plaid to the ladder! I liked the yellow blanket that I normally have on it, but had to change it a little for Christmas!

Plaid Blanket  – Blanket Ladder  – Snowmen Mugs

This area is in our kitchen next to our table. I just recently added the old window. (I scored this, this past summer at the flea market for 8 dollars…  I just couldn’t pass that up!) This is also the area that I have Justin’s uniform picture, so this place in our home holds a very important spot in my heart. This area stays pretty simple for the most part.

This is the entrance area to our house. Of course, another old window for the win. This was actually a wedding gift! The table is something my dad built when I was young, and I always had it my room. So it is amazing to see it in my own house now. This area is always fun to spruce up!

Monogrammed Pillow  – Snow Covered Christmas Branches  –

There are some snippets of my house! I love the cozy feel of all the decorations up during Christmas time!

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How To Be The Best Holiday Host

It is the Holiday Season… Well, I actually I feel like Christmas is tomorrow!  I just love everything about Christmas, putting up the decorations, eating, watching Christmas movies, even the smell of Christmas!  But the thing I love the most? Spending time with family! 
Now, We do all know too much family time can be bad. You get on each other’s nerves, you need your own space. The list goes on and on. But, if you are going to have people over follow these simple tips, and they will all want to come back next year! 


Tips To Be The Hostess With The Mostess During The Holidays


Always Have The WiFi Password AccessibleHow To Be The Best Hostes

We can’t live without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram these days, so make your guests stay a little easier, have your wifi Password in a frame in the guest room, or on the kitchen fridge for all to see. That way, they don’t have to ask for it, or go sneaking to find it. Because finding someone playing hide and go seek with your modem could be a little
awkward to find!

Give Them Time

And by that, that I mean time to their selves. Give them ideas to do around the town or some good sights to see! Of course, they came to see you, but I am sure like would like to get out of the house & do some fun things!

Let Them Sleep

Most guest travel hours to come see you. Different time zones, different house different bed. They probably won’t sleep the best. So it is best to let them sleep as long as they can.

Finding Great Deals At The Dollar General Have Snacks And Plenty Of Them

If your family is anything like my family, we snack all the time! So, you’re going to want to make sure that you have plenty of food. The best thing is, The Dollar General is here to help! With their great deals coupons, you’ll want to stop on over to  The Dollar General and pick up some of your favorite food & of course some Nestle brand products. They have some great prices and you don’t have to search too hard to find some coupons to add on to those great prices!

At The Dollar General, you can find some any quick snacks your guest will love! If your eating dinner and having Digiorno® Rising Crust® Pizza, or Your Making NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix, The Dollar General is your place to head to prepare! But, don’t forget about DG Digital Coupon (Why not save even more money.)


Enjoy Your Time Together

Most importantly, enjoy your time together with your family! Just remember how blessed you are to be able to spend time with your amazing family during the Holidays!


I hope you all have a great Holiday! Are you heading to a family member’s house this year, or are you being the hostess?




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4 Blogging Groups to Join On Facebook

4 Blogging Facebook Groups To Join

Facebook groups for bloggers have become so large lately! It can be hard to find a good blogging group, that is fair fun, and that actually helps you grow your blog! I found my 4 favorite blogging groups, and I thought I would share them with you! Once you find a good blogging group, you must participate and follow the rules! So let me show you all my favorite groups! Most of these groups, you have a request to be accepted into, and sometimes that takes time, so be patient!


The Blogger Life –  Has to be my favorite (But, I might be biased, because I am the admin and the creator of this group.) This group is wonderful. The members of this group are wonderful! There are daily threads (Comment threads & Social Media threads.) There are open threads, so everyone is  allowed to ask questions, meet new bloggers or whatever you want! I would love for you all to join this group, so we can all get to know each other better! This group is something that I spend a lot of time on, and really love!

Blogging Facebook GroupsBlog Passion Project This group is wonderful! The admins are amazing, and are always there for the bloggers! They have a consistent schedule they follow, so you know exactly what to expect. Everyone truly follows through, and this is a great group to join and meet other bloggers. This group has around 500 members, so it is still small enough to truly get to know everyone!

I’m So Blogging This
 This group is just started out! They just started threads, and truly expects its members to  allow through on their own, without having to remind them! This blogging Facebook group has an open dialogue, which is nice because not make blogging grounds do that. The admin is laid back, and also enjoys getting to know everyone as well!


Instagram Marketing Mastermind This group is purely for Instagram and is very large. There are close to 10,000 members in this group. Honestly, I don’t post in this group a lot, I am more of a bystander, but I really do like this group. There are a lot of great tips and insights of how to grow your Instagram! I know people are always looking into ways to growing your Instagram, & if you are this group is a “must check out” group!



Blogging Groups On A Rise

Bloggers + Giveaways & Pin for Pin Also check out these two Facebook groups that are on a rise! A Pinterest group and a group to show off your giveaways and/or start a giveaway!


What facebook groups do you use for blogging? Do you have any to add?



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I am A Police Wife

I am a police wife.




That is not a simple statement. If you never been to my blog before you can read here, here, and here. I have written about this topic a lot, because liked I said; I am a police wife is not a simple statement. 


If you have seen the news, been on facebook, or really talked to anyone I am sure that you’ve heard about the two shootings that occurred in the past couple days. Let’s just say that I am shocked about the things people say. Every police officer spends countless amount of months in the academy, many hours in extra classes and there is that support thin blue linechance every day that they could make a mistake in that decision they make in a split second. But, I am sure you never made a mistake in your job right?


Now I preference this writing with, there are good cops and there are bad cops. There are over 1.1 million police officers in the United States, so we all know there will be some bad cops in that group. But that does not mean all cops are bad cops. To the people who jump to conclusions about all cops are bad, or racist. Have you ever really thought about those words you say? Do you know who these cops are? They are husbands, fathers, sons, wives, mothers, parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. They are real people. They are not out there to ruin your life. Those men and women are sworn in to protect the law, even if that means sacrificing their lives for you.


Fifty-Three men and women have died protecting you this year. Fifty-Three. Where are all those wives and husbands who lost their loved ones on facebook, ranting and yelling? How come when a police officer dies, that doesn’t make the top news? Well, I think it should. But no, those loved ones lay their officer down to rest, knowing they will never get another conversation with them again. Did you know 21 police officers died of gunfire? That means 21 people killed 21 police officers. How the hell does that not make the news? That doesn’t make sense.


I guess, that I am so upset that we all jump to conclusions. NONE of us know what happened in those videos. You have no right blasting police officers on social media or anything for that matter. Every story you read is one sided. Every single one. No one talks about how you didn’t do something right at your job? I don’t think either of those officers went into work today and said: “I hope I have to pull my gun today.” Actually, that is probably a cops worst nightmare is having to pull their gun.

If you are standing with a person and they threaten you, what are you going to do? Stand there, and maybe let them kill you? But, what if they didn’t have a gun and they were just saying they did. You can see how things get very grey very quickly. You know, if you never break the law most likely you will never have to deal with a cop ever? Maybe we should all focus on behaving instead of going against cops. Don’t like cops? Well then, don’t break the law. Don’t hang out with people who break the law. It could be as simple as that.


My husband is a police officer. I am a police wife. He is not racist. He does not judge. He has a kind soul, and would do anything for anyone. He works hard. He writes you a ticket if your speeding. He stops that drunk driver, that might have killed you on the road. He deals with the people you don’t want to deal with in the public. He deals with your problems. He stays awake at night so you can sleep. He is protecting you and your family. He is my family. He is the love of my life. He is a police officer. 


I am a police wife.

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Don’t Feel Guilty About A Blogging Break

dont feel guilty taking a blogging breakDo you know when bloggers just drop off the edge of the world for a couple months?
No posting, no nothing. Well, yep- that’s me! There are so many reasons why bloggers take breaks, and most of the time I think they feel guilty when they do take a break from their blog. I did until I thought about why I took a break. Bloggers are real people with real problems. Their lives are not always sunshine and rainbows, and I think that is a very important thing to remember!


3 Reasons- Why you should not feel guilty taking a blogging breakTHREE REASONS TO TAKE A BEAK


It is your Blog: You own it. You run it. You make it what it is. It will still be there when you come back from your break, I promise. Your readers will know if you’re  just blogging to put a post up for the week. Now that is a fast way to lose some followers. Maybe instead of posting three times a week, you post once a week until you feel it again. Take a step back and think about why you aren’t enjoying your blogging time. For me, it was getting stressful, I felt like there were so many other things that I should have been doing. So I did those, and well my blog fell off the top list.


It will only get better So you take a couple weeks or months off, your mind will be at ease. I know I have more ideas about blog posts than I have had in such a long time! I am changing my header, starting to have a new idea of blogging. I have more passion for blogging than I have had in a long time! I want to write blog posts, I want to put myself out there in the blogging world again! Taking time off can do good for your blogging soul. I am so glad that I let myself take a break from blogging instead of forcing out posts that would not have been worthy to read.


Life Happens  Remember what I said before? Bloggers are real people & shit happens. We get busy with children, work, family, housekeeping and everything else! We all put so much time in our blogs, we have to make sure that we don’t spend too much time on our blog and social media! Or life will forget about us, and time will go by too fast. Summers get busy for everyone & it is good to take a step back and re-evaluate your blog.

Looking back I am okay with taking a blogging break. No, this break was not planned at all, but I am happy I did what was best for me at that time.

Have you ever taken a blogging break? How did you bounce back from your break?

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