Friday Letters

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Dear Friday Thank you for being Friday! Dear Springbreak   I have needed you for so long now! And I am so happy you are here! Can’t wait go to down to Tennessee and see family and Will! Dear Boyfriend Thanks for being the best man out there and the best police officer ever! Dear Car Please stop loosing your hub caps.. it is kind of embarrassing! Dear new house/bank can we close like 5 days ago please! Just let me start the remodeling process and move! Dear Laundry Please finish it yourself, and you can pack all of yourself too! Dear Roomates stop being so messy, its gross clean up after yourself please & thank you! Dear Spring  come now please!! I am so tired of the snow and cold! 

I Get to go see my grandparents tonight, and they mean they world to me! They are aging so fast, that sometimes is worries me, but they are happy and still in love with each other. I have great role models to look up to in life! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!