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I promise I am not crazy, but I just love animals! 

I don’t have any “real” children, other than my cats, and I also don’t have any “real” nieces or nephews, other than my sisters lab named Riley! 
He is adorable! He is just a little over a year and a half, and the puppy stage is slowly leaving his body! Thank the Lord! 

Our Family Picture 

(By the way the man in that picture is my boyfriend. He is the best man in the world, and trust me you’ll get to know him very soon!)
Yes, on the weekends Riley likes to crack open a cold one with the grandparents in the backyard and relax.
Riley has a good story, and it goes like this… 
My sister was on a construction site, (she’s a civil engineer) and some of the workers came up and said they had this dog and they could not keep him. They brought him to the site, and just played with everyone. They actually said that if they could not find a home they were going to kill him. So my sister right away said that she would take him! He came home with her that day and saved his life! He is the best dog ever, yes a little crazy, and no he does not listen all the time. But look at him, how could you not love him?  
One day, I would love to have a dog, but with moving, and remodeling and work and school I just don’t have time for a dog, so for now my cats are enough! 
Me and Riley.. he’s just laughing

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

With Love.