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week was a MUCH needed week! 
boyfriend and I went to Tennessee to visit his family!
love his family, and get along with them just like they are my family! 
left Sunday after he got off work. He got off at 8:00 PM and we were on the
road by 8:30 PM. (Yes, I packed up everything and got everything into the car).
I had to get both of my children cats ready for the week, food
litter boxes, treats and toys. That took awhile! Then we were off! 
first stop the Waffle House! Of course we stopped in the middle
of Cincinnati. (Yes I mean downtown) Let’s just say.. we were out of
place! But, hey the food was good! After that, we were on our way! It is about
a 6 and half hour drive! 
started out driving, he drove for about three hours, then I took over. I drove
for about 80 miles I don’t know why but I was so tired, so I let Justin drive
the rest of the day, and I slept.


 We slept in and was lazy all day,
Kristy (Justin’s sister) and Shannon (Justin’s Brother-In-Law) had to work.
When they got home we went up on the mountain (yes, literally drove
up a mountain and stayed on the top) we went to Justin’s land and
house up there. After that we went to Mexican with the everyone
including Will. (Justin’s nephew) 

We went shopping, Kristy and I had a blast! Will and Justin survived! 
After we got done shopping.. he was a little tired! 

Before we left to go shopping (me with no make up or anything)

We got to babysit this little thing! It was so much fun! 

His arms are not get strong enough, but next time we see him, he will be crawling! 
Fell asleep, wearing the Ohio State University shirt! 

Unlce J and Will 
He just loves taking pictures! 
Of course we had to take a picture while the baby was sleeping!

On Thursday, we woke up early got a pedicure and got ready for family pictures! we planned on taking them on Justin’s dad’s old truck, but it was so cold! So we only stayed out there for about five minutes! I can not wait to see the pictures! I think they will turn out great! Thursday was our last night there, and we just hung out and made a nice dinner! That night we got out pictures and went through them! It was so fun to see Justin and Kristy when they were younger!

Friday came way to soon! Justin and I woke up early went out to breakfast, packed up and hit the road! Justin drove the entire way home! We made good time! It was about 6 and half hours on the way home too! I was so glad to be home and see my kitties! 

Over all it was an amazing week! Got to spend time with the family, I could not have asked for a better spring break! 

On another note, we got news that the bank signed our contract, and we close on the house on the 29th! 
That made my spring break!
7 weeks till my summer break! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!