Stop Wishing it away..

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So I had to think about this for a while now, and I decided that I have a lot of goals for March. 
But, my main goal is “Stop wishing life away”

We all do it, have something exciting coming up and just can’t wait for that date. Well what about all the stuff were missing between now and that date. We could be missing memories, and great opportunities. 
For me, I close on my house on the 29th of this month, get to move out of this apartment I hate so much and have 7 weeks of school left till summer. So we all know what I am looking forward to. 
But I came to think, what am I missing out on? Everything? I go to school & work just about every single day this month. I just tell myself I am ready for March to be over with. 
But.. I am not ready for it to be over with.. 
After thinking about it, I have a lot of exciting things to do this month. 
Bowling benefit for my cousin who passed away
Get to visit my grandparents
Spend time with family
Get to be with my amazing boyfriend
Get to spend time with friends
I just think to myself I can’t look over the small things just because something big is happening in my life. 
And here is my March goal. Enjoy every day no matter what. Even if i do have to go to school work and study. Enjoy it. People would love to go to school. Enjoy being with family, I learned a long time ago that family is not always there for ever, so enjoy it while you can. And last, just be happy. I am one to freak out over everything and get nervous about everything. 
This March, I just want to enjoy life, the small things, the good things, and the bad things. 
Hope everyone has great march! 
What is everyone’s goals for march?