My Perfect Man

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Well, the first thing I want all my readers to know is that I have a wonderful boyfriend!
His Name is Justin
We have been dating since December 2011
He’s a police officer for Perry Township, and is working as I wright this. It is actually snowing, so who knows if he will get off on time. I worry in times like this, when everyone is supposed to be off the roads, he has to be on the road! 
(prayers for all the police officers who risk their life every day to protect us)

He is always there for me, and knows exactly what to say to make me happy. 

His sister and brother-in-law lives in Tennessee, and his mom lives in Cincinnati.  

We have gone many vacations together, Last summer was the best and we went to Daytona Florida.

I first met him at work… they always say you meet the man when you least expect it.. well that is true for me! 

From the first time I met him, I knew I would date him. He was tall, blonde hair, blue eye, and SHY! For the couple weeks that we knew each other, we hardly talked! But I had my eye on him the whole time! 

Once we started to talk, things took off fast, and within a month we were dating!

Ever since then, I knew he was the man for me! I have never doubted that he’s mine forever! 

And the good thing is, we just got a house together! 
Yes, we might be doing things a little backwards, but interest rates are so low, and we found the perfect house, and my parents offered to help us out! So we could not say no! 

The exciting news… we started looking at rings!
All the ring details will have to be for another day.. but let’s just say I want things a little different!

That is just a little about my wonderful man!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

Can’t wait for my man to get home, so we can cuddle while the snow falls!