Oh Friday.. I needed you.

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This week was just one of those weeks! 
I have been working six days a week going to school for 13 hours on Tuesday’s, and 8 hours on Thursday. 

I had three test today.. and I’ll put it this way.. They kicked my butt! 

I’m just so ready for summer, I can’t even study! 

I called off work today, No I wasn’t sick.. I just didn’t want to go to work.. Yes that sounds childish.. But I don’t care.. I needed a day off work so bad! 

So my wonderful boyfriend took me to Ikea. 
We got some new things for the house! 
(Oh this new house can not come soon enough! I am so sick of living in this apartment.. it is to tiny and everything is wrong with it. 

I love everything to be neat a clean but with this apartment.. it can’t stay that way because there is no room for everything! and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! ) & roommates.. Well I should not start my rant about them.. It will never end.. I clean for my man so he does not have too and I don’t mind that but I do not like cleaning for my roommates! I can’t wait to have my own master bathroom!! 
(okay I am done with my roommate rant) 

And I had a gift card so I only spent $1.80 I got two end tables for our bedroom, and vases and candles to put in the vases and little turquoise rocks.. Our room will be brown tan and a splash of turquoise. 
I can’t wait! 

I am trying to really work on blogging.. But I feel like I have no time! 
Sorry if this post are boring and you think they are pointless.. 
When summer comes.. They will be better! That’s a promise!

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  • Oh this wasnt boring at ALL!!! I dont work but I know how you feel about school….I cant wait to be done with this semester! It's been the most stressful I think I've had and I'm one to NEVER say something like that!! And it doesnt help that we're on spring break this week yet both my professors thought it'd be nice to give us take home quizzes which will take about 3 hours each…seriously!? I'm putting them off until this weekend or Monday. Seriously hats off to you for living in an apartment! I know that might be the case of me one of these days so I should be talking, lol, but seriously! I dont even know how I could stand it…hence the post I did today with the closets.

    I love ikea!! And the idea of your bedroom being brown and turquoise! I LOVE those colors together, they compliment each other so well 🙂

    I'm going to follow you on instagram right now too 🙂

  • Not boring.

    I want to hear more about the roommates, lol… in less of course they read your blog. And in that case, somethings are better left unsaid.

    Ps. Ikea is Heaven on Earth… enjoy your day off! We all need those days. Not childish at all. In my humble opinion, the opposite- you're taking care of yourself!

    Enjoy your weekend hun 🙂

  • Hi! I'm visiting from Friendship Friday 🙂 I hope you'll also join me for my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution (www.thejennyevolution.com). Happy weekend!

  • so when do you move into your new house?