Oh Friday.. I needed you.

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This week was just one of those weeks! 
I have been working six days a week going to school for 13 hours on Tuesday’s, and 8 hours on Thursday. 

I had three test today.. and I’ll put it this way.. They kicked my butt! 

I’m just so ready for summer, I can’t even study! 

I called off work today, No I wasn’t sick.. I just didn’t want to go to work.. Yes that sounds childish.. But I don’t care.. I needed a day off work so bad! 

So my wonderful boyfriend took me to Ikea. 
We got some new things for the house! 
(Oh this new house can not come soon enough! I am so sick of living in this apartment.. it is to tiny and everything is wrong with it. 

I love everything to be neat a clean but with this apartment.. it can’t stay that way because there is no room for everything! and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! ) & roommates.. Well I should not start my rant about them.. It will never end.. I clean for my man so he does not have too and I don’t mind that but I do not like cleaning for my roommates! I can’t wait to have my own master bathroom!! 
(okay I am done with my roommate rant) 

And I had a gift card so I only spent $1.80 I got two end tables for our bedroom, and vases and candles to put in the vases and little turquoise rocks.. Our room will be brown tan and a splash of turquoise. 
I can’t wait! 

I am trying to really work on blogging.. But I feel like I have no time! 
Sorry if this post are boring and you think they are pointless.. 
When summer comes.. They will be better! That’s a promise!

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