5 Years Ago

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5 Years ago I lost my cousin to a drunk driver.. 
It was a morning I will never forget.. 
I woke up early to go to a volleyball tournament.. I was a Freshman in High School at the time. 
The phone rang, (my mom was out of town and I thought it was her) so my dad answered it but it was not my mom, it was my uncle telling us news that would change our life forever. 
While I continue to pack my bags, my dad stood in the doorway and said words I will never forget.. “Jordan was in an accident this morning and was killed” Time stopped, the entire world stopped. I just stood there and thought that this could not be true! It just wasn’t!
My dad came in a gave me a hug and I just cried in his arms.. That was the only emotion I had. 
After a while my dad woke up both my sister’s. 
We got things packed up and we headed to see the family.. 
While all this is going on my mom was out of town and didn’t hear or know anything. 
We we get to my cousin’s house.. there was a sad feeling, and that’s the only way I can explain it. He left his mother and father and two younger siblings. 
He was a mile from home when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit the car Jordan was driving.
There were 4 boys in the car, and they all died on impact.

Life can change so fast, one day it is normal and the next day your world is turned up side down..

Months after Jordan’s death, we had to go to court hearings for the man who ran the stop sign.. he was drunk and high.. It was so hard to look at that man who killed my cousin.

Today is a sad day for my family.. we lost someone 5 years ago very special to us. He will always be in our hearts.
He was only 20 years of age when he was taken from this world, and that is too young. Parents should not have to see their children’s funerals, it’s just not right.

We love you and miss your Jordan.
Crazy Perfect Life

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  • Im so sorry! i dont even have the words. Im extremely close to my cousin whose a guy. i have no idea what id do if I lost him. Email me! i have a story but dont want to say it here. Again I am so sorry. people in this world just dont care. sending love to you and your family!

  • I'm so sorry hun! But even those words arent the right words to say. Esp during a time like this. I dont even wanna say years from now that it's been 5 yrs since my gma died. when now it's only been well this mth will be 7 mths. and it seems like only yesterday we all went to see her and she was fine. I dont understand it sometimes. How things are fine one minute or someone is perfectly healthy and then they are in the hospital on their death bed. its not a fun thing. You said it right he's in your heart so you'll always remember him. I'm here if you ever need to chat hun. and thanks for your help lately.

  • Wow this post is so heart wrenching. I'm so sorry to hear this, how terrible. At least you know he is looking down on you each and every moment 🙂 Anniversaries of losing loved ones are never easy…you are in my thoughts! Stay strong.

    XO Jenna

  • This is a very moving post. I am sorry for your loss.

  • My heart breaks for you. I lost both my husband and my brother in sudden deaths. It has been many years but the person stays in your heart forever. It must have been very hard to write about it.

  • My heart is so broken for you and your family. My cousins are so important to me and I cannot imagine losing one of them, nonetheless to a drunk/high driver. I came to your blog after seeing your comment on my blog this morning at RedVelvetRooster. Thanks again for commenting. I thought I was already a follower of your blog, but realized I wasn't. Now I am a GFC follower…will eventually follow you on BlogLovin as soon as I figure out how to use it!!!

  • I am so sorry for your loss. You are right. Parents should not have to bury their children. It is just not right to lose these lives full of so much promise due to something as selfish and reckless as drinking and driving. My heart goes out to you all.

  • That is awful. I am sorry for your loss. People don't think of how their choices might affect others.
    A few years ago, I was the victim of a harassment/bullying situation, which started partly because I did not want to get in a car with a drunk driver.

  • We take so much for granted each day, praying for you and your family.