Weekend Recap

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was an overall great weekend!
Friday- I had to work till 5:30. After work I went home and hung out
with my parents! I love nights like that! They are fun! We eat dinner, watch TV
and hang out!
Saturday – I woke up Justin bright and early at 10, Yes that’s early
for him on his days off! I made him go to Landmark Kitchen and Bath Shoppe to
figure out what we want to do in our new house! This took awhile! I can’t imagine how long it is going to take when we pick out stuff for our bathroom! 

This is going to be for the kitchen. That’s the cabinet, counter top 
and the back splash.. During this picture we were still deciding on those two.
But the next picture shows the one we picked! 

After that I got ready for the bowling benefit for my cousin Jordan
(I wrote about him on Friday)
We stopped by my grandparents’ house and did some bowling in their

Then off to bowling with the family!

My wonderful mother and I

Sunday- I worked all day till 6:30 came home worked on homework made
dinner for tonight, and then made dinner for tomorrow that we put in the crock pot so Justin can just turn it on after he gets home from work!
Rest of the Sunday night.. Worked on homework and relaxed! Getting
ready for the bust week ahead of me! 

Overall I had a wonderful weekend! Got to spend time with family and my man! 

How do you like the colors we picked out for the kitchen! 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

-Also, there will be a blog hop posted Wednesday! Make sure to stop by!