Family Pictures

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While J and I were in Tennessee over spring break, we got family
pictures done!
This one is my most unfavorite one.. 

The pictures with the truck really mean a lot to us. Justin’s dad
passed away a little over two years ago. It was much unexpected. Went to work
one day and didn’t come home. He had a heart attack. This was his truck. Him
and Justin were best friends, more than best friends. So we thought we would honor
him and take pictures with the truck. I think they turned our great! 
 Yes, I realize that this look like engagement picture.. but do not
worry!! THEY ARE NOT engagement pictures.. not just yet at least!
 Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures!

Come back tomorrow I will hosting a “Half way There Blog Hop” for the very first time! 

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  • You look great hun and I cant wait to see how our blog hop goes tomorrow. thanks for helping hun. If you want to ever do a guest post I'm all for it. 😀 on my page that is 😉

  • aww these are beautiful! and im loving the new layout!

  • These turned out great! Love that last one!


  • I love all of these!! Beautiful 🙂 Did you get my last email by the way?

  • The pictures are priceless! I love the one of the whole family and the truck. A great way to remember some one you love! <3

  • The pictures look great!

  • These are cute. (:
    I found you through the Not Quite There Yet blog hop, and I'm definitely your newest follower!
    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  • Great pictures! Family pictures are always fun to take!