Well Hello Friday!!

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Hello Friday!
I first want to thank everyone that joined in on the “Half Way There Blog Hop.” It was my first one ever! I know it wasn’t huge! But I’m hoping it only gets bigger! I think I will try to post one every week! I hope you will all come back and join!! 
It is always fun meeting new bloggers!!

Now on to my life

Your not my favorite right now. I know your only a part time job.. but you really annoy me! Ready to start my designing job in the summer!! 

Thanks for doing laundry for me today!! And putting the clothes away! (I don’t mind doing laundry, and but I HATE putting clothes away) So thanks for doing that and letting me relax when I got home from work! 

We close in ONE WEEK! I am so excited! We are going on Saturday to pick our stuff for the master bathroom!! It is so exciting! But my apartment .. You are too small.. And I have too much stuff for you! I think I am going to start packing soon! (yes, that does not sound fun at all!) 

 And Question for you all! Do you want to see picture of the house before.. then way after when were done? Or should I wait, and put up all the before and after pictures at once? 

Thank you for getting a long better! They will give each other kisses now! That’s a such improvement since we got them! They hated it each other! And, now they don’t!

Don’t forget to come back to the Half Way There Blog Hop On Wednesday! 

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!