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If you have not figured it out yet, family is extremely important to me! 

I am so close to my family and they mean the world to me! 

So I thought it would only be right for my readers to know about my family! 
 this is everyone expect one person 
and it goes left to right 
Justin, me, Kelly, Kristen, Cody, Mommy, and Daddy 
We are missing Hubie (Kellys boyfriend) 

My Daddy, and am 10% daddy’s little girl! I have been since day one! The main thing we do together is hunting it is “our” little thing to do together! With out my dad I would not be getting this house! He is so good updating things and designing! I need to give him a big thanks for getting me a job this summer, so I can start designing kitchens and baths! 

 This is Kelly and Riley.. 
Kelly is the oldest. She is a civil Engineer. 

This is Kristen, She is the middle child and she is a Nurse! 

I have always looked up to my sisters for everything! And I could not have had better role models to look up to!! 

This is my Mmmy, (yes I still call my mom and dad mommy and daddy, that is how it is in my phone too) 
But my mommy is one of the strongest people I know! She is an amazing person, and would do anything for anyone! My parents have been married for over 27 years, and give me a picture of what my life will look like! They have the best marriage and I just hope that one day I can have a marriage like they have!! 

This is Riley ( my nephew) He was supporting the huge win for the Buckeyes with his new shoes!

As you can see.. I have been blessed with an amazing family! They support me and everything I do, and help me in life! 

Also, I made a facebook for the blog!!

Don’t forget about the blog hop on Wednesday!! 
Hope you all come back!!