The Day Is Almost Here

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It is crazy.. We looked at this house over a month ago! 

And this is exactly how the story went.. 

Justin and I decided to start looking at houses.. well that became my full time job! Every second I was looking at houses, contacting my realtor  or asking my parents! 

We went through a couple houses, and they were all big NO’S right away! Then there came a white two story house.. I fell in love with it! (I was never a big fan of two story houses, I blame that on my dad). Well they day I saw the house it went off the market… 

I was so sad! Well a couple weeks later, it came back on the market, and we were one of the first people to go look at it.. and we even put in an offer.. But they didn’t accept it.. 

Heartbroken once again!! 

After that happened.. I slowed down on the house hunting for awhile.. Then one day I saw this cute Ranch.. I called my realtor up, and we went to look at it right away. 
We get there, walk in the door and my realtor told me that there is an offer on the house, but it is not accepted yet (my stomach turns). 

So we pretty much had 5 mintes to go through the house, and decide if we want to put in an offer!! 

Well I LOVED the house!! WAY more than the two story we lost a month ago then!! 

So we put in the offer.. We had to wait almost a week to find out if they accepted the offer or not! Can I say that was the LONGEST week of my life!! 

But, It all worked out in the end and I got my dream starter house!!

And now the time has come, WE CLOSE ON THURSAY and get the keys three days later!! 

I am Nervous and Excited all at once!! 

I know this is a huge step in my life, and I can’t wait to get started! 

If anyone has any moving/packing adivice I would Love to know! 

I told myself I was going to start packing over the weekend, and I packed one box and quit… I need some motovation! (I’m sure once I have those keys in my hand, I’ll be the fastest packer ever!)