Meet My House!

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Meet My New House! 

Look! It is my First House key! 
I can’t believe we have the house!! 

Well lets meet the house!! 

It is a ranch style house 3 Bedrooms 2 and half baths! (with a master sweet) 

The Front door! 

The family/ TV room 
Not much will be done with this room.. Just painting!! 

This is the Kitchen… 

We will be getting new counter tops and back splash and all new paint!!

This is the eat in kitchen.. 

We will be getting new lights, new paint, new sliding door (in the fall) 

The master bedroom

Will be getting new paint!! 

The master closet.. 

I should have taken more pictures! 

We will be getting all new shelving!! and of course paint! 

 This is the Master Bathroom! 

We will be getting new everything! 

We are gutting the entire thing! 
New cabinets, shower tile, everything! 

  This is the other Full bath! 

We are not for sure what we will be doing in this yet!! Just depends!! 

So this is my house!! What do you think?? 

We have a lot of work ahead, but I am so excited because I get to design it all!!!