Hair Time!!

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Okay friends.. I need help! I know I already did a post
about my hair!
You can find it here.
But now I kind of think I want to change it up! But everyone
likes something different.. And me, I don’t know what I like!!
Boyfriend likes blonde and long 
Sisters & Mother like brown or blonde and short

 These two are what the family likes.. They really like the first picture hair style 
(yes that was my graduation cake!!)

You all know what kind of hair style I have now.. 
So it is time to be honest…. 

What do you like, and what looks best on me?

{{Also, I know I haven’t done a lot of post directly about me, so I thought about doing a post to answer peoples questions! 
So leave me questions to answer! 
Or you can e-mail me kara(dot)schwieterman(at)gmail.com}}