Boring Blog…

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I just wanted to say sorry for the boring blog lately! 
I have had no time! 
(But, I am not complaining!) 
This house is keeping me so busy, and school, yes one week of classes + 4 exams.. and its SUMMER! 
Summer can not come fast enough! And then I get to start my new designing job! Which I am super excited for! That will open a whole new chapter in my life, and I am so ready for it! 

Things on my mind: 

Decisions: I suck at making them.. I change my mind every two or three seconds! I think I have everything for both bath rooms picked out. Who am I kidding, I still have to pick out lighting, paint colors, towels, and all the extra stuff!! 

Police Officers: When people don’t move over when they see a police officer has someone pulled over. It makes me so MAD! I understand, we all “hate” police officers when they pull us over, (yes I do to) but make them have a safer job. Move over, or change lanes so you give them room to be safe. 

Shopping: Your getting a little too out of control! I have gotten so much for the new house, but I can’t just stop myself! It is crazy how exciting it is! And thanks, to the boyfriend who went shopping with me tonight! I didn’t even have to beg him that much!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!
Don’t forget, I am still attempting on writing a post for you all to get to know me better! So ask questions that you want to know about me!! 

The “half way there hop will be back next week” email me if you want a chance to Co-host! 

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend!!