Things I don’t Understand..

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are some things in life we will never understand…
Why people have to leave this earth before we think they should, or why bad things happen to good people. 
Lately this has been on my mind a lot! 
But with so much going on, I have not been able to post about it.. 

I never got to meet Justin’s dad, He passed away a year before I met Justin. His passing was so unexpected. He went to work like every other morning, and then he never walked back into their house. He had a heart attack and died at work… 

Justin is one of the strongest people I know on this earth.. How does someone lose someone so close to them, and live everyday like everything is okay. 

He doesn’t talk about his dad very often, but sometimes I can tell he misses him so much. I just wish there was a way we could call heaven just once in a while to talk to our loved ones. 

I know Justin’s dad is looking down on us everyday, but still it is hard. Last night, Justin told me how much he missed his dad, and it completely broke my heart. I wanted to tell him with time it will heal.. but who am I kidding, time doesn’t heal pain like that.. You just miss the person even more. It is just another day that passes that you didn’t get to talk to them. 

Time does not heal pains like that. 
I believe in God, but sometimes I want to ask why? Why take Justin’s father away at such a young age. 
Justin’s dad won’t be at our wedding, or see his grandchildren, he won’t be at the swearing in of Justin becoming a police officer.
I know he is looking down from heaven, and that does make me feel better.. But I just wish he was here with us, so Justin’s family could be whole again. 

It is crazy how fast you can loose a loved one. Say I love you every day, more than once a day. Call when you can, and don’t ever leave anything unsaid, You never know when those could be your last words to your loved one. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy time with the ones you love, and cherish that time forever in your heart!