Who knew..

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Who knew that this house would take up so much time in my life..

Who knew that Justin would be starting at his new police job and get the shifts 6pm-6am 

Who knew that were “supposed” to move in a week and a half and haven’t even started to pack 

Who knew that my goal was to loose weigh this summer.. But honestly I think I’ve gained some instead! 

Who knew that I would be so busy with this new job and my old job! 

Who knew that I would love this design job so much!!

Who knew that Justin and I could go to Menards and spend 500$ …( because I never that we could spend that much at once)

Who knew that I had the best parents that have put an endless number of hours into making my house my dream house! 

Who knew that my cats would be so excited to move!! 

Who knew that life could be so stressful when everything that’s happening should be fun! 

Who knew that I could go this long without blogging? I didn’t! And I am sad that I did.. For a while I thought I wanted to give up blogging, but I realized from my amazing followers that I shouldn’t! I just need to blog for me! So thanks for everyone that gave me lovely advice! 

Hope you all enjoyed hearing from me again!  

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!!