Surprise fail!!

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So this time I mean it!! 
I’m really hoping this time that I make time for blogging!
But now it’s time to tell you my sad story from last light.. Well it’s not that sad just sad for me!
Yesterday Justin worked 12-8 like he does every Sunday, so I went to the new house worked on it with my parents and then did some shopping! (Yes I think be now I have become a professional house shopper! )
Then I went home and cleaned up! I did 5 loads of laundry, and cooked Justin his favorite meal! Pizza casserole!  I even made extras so he could pack it in his lunches this week! I made garlic bread and even his favorite cookies! I was so excited to surprise him with the great meal since  he has been working so much!
So 8 o’clock rolls around and I put the bread in the oven and wait for Justin to get home! 
He comes in and finds me switching laundry and has this look on his face like he did something wrong… I look at him and ask him what’s wrong and he said he ate at work… My response,  I know you always eat lunch at work and then on Sundays we normally eat dinner together.. He said.. No me and the guys ordered pizza and I had a whole large pizza to myself! I’m so stuffed! 
I looked at him… He told me I should have told him, but then my point was that it wouldn’t have been a surprise! 
Long story short I got myself a plate and enjoyed this huge dinner all by myself! 
I wasn’t mad at Justin there was nothing that he did wrong, just bummed!
Do any of your surprises go wrong?
Hope you all are having an amazing Memorial Day weekend!! 
Lets give out a special thanks to those who keep is safe everyday!!