Changing Ways

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Life has
changed so much lately it is crazy!!

First I started
my new designing job, and I ABSOUTLY love it! It is so muc

h helping people
design their kitchen and bathrooms!! FUN FUN FUN!
Then the
house! It’s starting to look like a house! I thought about posting some
pictures, but I think I’ll make you all wait!!

One of the
biggest changes is Justin’s new police job, he’s been working nights, and it’s
not only night shifts its 6pm-6am, so he leaves around 4:30pm, and doesn’t come
home until 8 am the next morning, then he sleeps the whole day, so life is
I’m hoping
when we move I will have more things to do.. if anything I’ll clean to keep me
&& my
new favorite show is Don’t be Tardy!! It is the best show ever, and is so
funny!! I laugh all the time! They have such an adorable family!

So while Justin
is at work.. Guess what I’m doing, watching Don’t Be Tardy!
Such a random
post I know!! But just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

                                       Hope your all
having a wonderful week!!                                      

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  • Hey girl. Sounds like a lot going on in your life. How long is Justin on nights? That's gotta be hard and all. Glad to hear the house is coming together as it will over time. Congrats on the new job.

    Would love to see you stop by and link up with me. Be sure to stop by for my blog hop and share with your blog friends.

    Have a great weekend and May God bless you.