Changing Ways

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Life has
changed so much lately it is crazy!!

First I started
my new designing job, and I ABSOUTLY love it! It is so muc

h helping people
design their kitchen and bathrooms!! FUN FUN FUN!
Then the
house! It’s starting to look like a house! I thought about posting some
pictures, but I think I’ll make you all wait!!

One of the
biggest changes is Justin’s new police job, he’s been working nights, and it’s
not only night shifts its 6pm-6am, so he leaves around 4:30pm, and doesn’t come
home until 8 am the next morning, then he sleeps the whole day, so life is
I’m hoping
when we move I will have more things to do.. if anything I’ll clean to keep me
&& my
new favorite show is Don’t be Tardy!! It is the best show ever, and is so
funny!! I laugh all the time! They have such an adorable family!

So while Justin
is at work.. Guess what I’m doing, watching Don’t Be Tardy!
Such a random
post I know!! But just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

                                       Hope your all
having a wonderful week!!