Me rambling…

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So my life has been crazy!! 
With work and this house, I hardly have time to pack! We should be moving next week, and nothing is packed! I mean NOTHING. 
Which kind of adds to the stress. Our apartment is a mess because I don’t have time to clean it, because any free time I have I am at the new house! Which I do enjoy, but I am so ready to be moved in! And live in a house that I LOVE and not an apartment that I hate! 
Yes, for those of you that don’t know, my roommates that I live with now are also coming with us to the house. I’ve been annoyed of them lately, so hopefully things get better when we move. 
My roommates don’t do anything. They don’t clean, they don’t take out the trash, the don’t do the dishes, they don’t pick up after themselves, they do nothing. It’s kind of like living with kids. 
I don’t want to be that mean roommate to tell them what to do! So I’m hoping when we get moved in that things get better!
 My job life… Well I love my new design job! It is so much fun! I’ve never really had a job I love to do! It’s way easier going to work knowing I love my job! And good news!  I have a job interview on Tuesday! So pray that I get the job!! I would be so lucky to get that job! 
I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I can’t wait to show you all how the house when it’s finished!!