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So.. once again I have been a little MIA lately.. and I wanted to apologize! 
Life just gets CRAZY! 
So we are all moved in.. and the post of the before & after for my house will be coming soon!! 
Friday Letters:
Dear House: Thank you for being amazing! I love you more than anything, and I love calling a place a “home” there are still some things to do, but they will get done over time! 
Dear Cats: Thanks for being so cute! And thanks for adjusting to the house so well!! Sorry Abagail for locking you out of the house the other day!! I felt so bad! Somehow she got outside for 3 hours! Poor baby was so scared when we found her!! 
Dear Family:  Thanks for the the help you have given me!! And I am so glad that now I can have you all over on the weekends! I know we will have a great weekend this weekend!! 
Dear Job: I love you! Designing is so much fun! I could not think of a better job for me at the moment!! 
Dear Mr. Boyfriend: You rock! Thanks for mowing the grass today! That was so helpful!! Your just the best!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
Look for my house post coming up soon!! 
Can’t wait for you all to see my house!!