Ring, Rings & Rings…

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So, we are moved into our house.. and I promise I am working on post so
you all can see it! I think I am going to post a different room each day, so I
can talk about each room now!
But … for now I want to talk about rings!
Yes, I want a ring! I know it won’t be for a little while, and I am
okay with it! We need to save money, and get things together!
But when it comes to looking at rings, Justin and I are on two
different pages!
I want to go look at rings together! I think we could make a fun day
together looking at engagement rings! Doesn’t every girl have dreams about
looking at rings with the man of their dreams? Well I know I do.
But, Justin on the other hand, wants to do it all by himself! First I hate
surprises! I want to know what kind of ring I am getting, when it is happening,
and how! But I know that’s not want Justin wants!
I just want to look at rings.. That’s it! I thought it was a simple
request! But not to Justin!
But I really can’t want to get a ring! It will start a whole new
chapter, and a lot of planning!
But I want to know everyone, what do you think? Would you want to help
pick out your ring.. or did you? Or would you want nothing to do with it? Let me
know what you think… and maybe it will help me out!

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  • I totally believe in getting to "choose" your own ring. Although we're not engaged yet, Andrew and I went ring shopping together. We both wanted to know what I was looking for in a ring. After all, I'm the one who will be wearing it on my finger for the rest of my life.

    If he's not willing to go with you to look, maybe show him different styles that you're interested in? Also, let him know that just because you're looking doesn't mean you're expecting a ring now (even if you are lol).

  • My fiance and I did not go look at rings together. HOWEVER, his mother directed him to my pinterest page and he picked out exactly what I had envisioned. Maybe drop a few hints with some ring pins for him!

  • I didn't really know what kind of ring I wanted until I saw a co-worker's ring and how blingy it was! So I always dropped hints and when we were at the mall, I would show hm the kind I liked. He's a really good listener and did a great job!

    Found you on Mal Smiles and your blog is too cute!

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by One Fine Wire!

  • new follower from wild card wednesdays

  • Just found you through Wild Card Wednesdays and am now following. My hubs wanted my ring to be a surprise as well, but we did go look at rings together so he could get an idea of the style I liked. All the details were up to him and it turned our perfect!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog http://www.wellwornsoles.com!!

  • I feel the same! And I'm soooo picky about styles that I like. You're going to be wearing that ring for the rest of your life, so he had better pick one you like! I think it's a great idea for you two to go together, try some on and show him your style. He doesn't have to get that exact one that you show him, but at least he'll get an idea and your mind will be at ease.

  • We looked at rings but back then I really couldn't find anything I liked. I knew what I wanted, we jury couldn't find it. I also wanted my fiancé to pick out something he liked too… So I'm a mix 😉 and you know what- when it finally happened we hadn't looked at rings in ages and it was beautiful! And he also remembered some details about what I wanted which was super sweet!
    Whatever happens know it will be special 😉