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Yes, I moved into a
house, but our roommates come with us (we have lived with our roommates for almost
a year now before we moved into the house)
If my roommates ever
saw this post.. I would be in trouble!
I am writing this
post.. Just to get things off my mind, because currently they annoy me to no
They don’t clean.. at
all!! I sweep my house every single day! I am a very clean person! And they
just sit there…..
And they kiss all the
time! I know that sounds weird but they do!! I am sitting in my living room,
and they are in their room, and I keep hearing them kiss.. You know how awkward
that is?
Or we will be in the
car, and I’ll be driving, and they will be in the back seat and they will
kiss.. and I can hear it! And it is gross! I hate it with a passion!
I clean, I sweep, I
take out the trash, I bring in the trash.. I do it so Justin doesn’t he works
almost 60 hours a week, and I want him to be able to rest when he is home, I
feel like he has the right to rest.. But by be spoiling justin, I spoil my roommates
and it just kills me inside!
Okay, Im done with my
rant I promise!
Hopefully things get
better with the roommates!
Hope you all have a
great Wednesday!
Can you believe this
is my second post in two days? I am so proud of myself!!

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