My New Bathroom!!

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Today is the day!! I get to show you all my new house! But you only get to see two rooms today!! I have to keep you all coming back! But today I am going to show you my bathrooms!!

The “ugly” master bathroom
The shower that Justin couldn’t even stand in, because he was to tall! 

The men (Justin & my father) taking down the walls! 
The wall is down!! 

All cleaned up and ready for the new things..
Are you guys ready to see?
Ive been waiting to show you all for a while now.. This is what my master bathroom looks like now!!! 

I must say I absolutely LOVE my granite tops, and the colors of everything!! I don’t think I would change anything about my bathroom! I love everything about it!! 
What do you all thing? Do you think its a good change? 
Don’t worry, You’ll get to see the rest of the house very soon!!