Connections lost

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Connections lost… 

It’s weird. When I first starting blogging  I loved it. I started blogging for me and only me. And it was wonderful, I met so many new people and met some great connections.. But now I feel like it’s done. I feel like my blog won’t grow, or will I meet new people. I feel like I don’t have any connections to anything. I see everyone’s blogs growing around me and I just sit and wonder why mine doesn’t grow at all. It’s hard.. I want to enjoy blogging again, but I feel like sometimes I’m blogging to no one. And no one wants to feel that way! It’s just hard, I don’t want to quit but I don’t know what to do. I see all these huge bloggers, with tons of fans. And I want be that.. But my blog is stuck. Stuck in a bad spot and I feel like it’s only getting worse! I don’t know what to do anymore. 
What do you all think??