Crazy Monday

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So last night Justin and I go to bed like every other night.. Justin falls asleep in minutes, and I sit there awake watching TV.

So I finally fall asleep, and I wake up to my cat coughing. This was at 12:30pm, Well she got sick… so I look at Justin sound asleep and realize I am going to have to clean up this one!

After that is all off the floor, I got back to sleep. 

1:30 rolls around and my cat got sick again.. realizing Justin is sound asleep I got up and cleaned it up off the desk chair.. I look around and I see even more on my bed.. Gross.. 

So my cat is so scared, so I stay up with her for a while and hold her, because you can just tell she did not feel good. So then I went to bed.. 

At 4 in the morning I herd a loud bang… It scared the crap out of me!! Even Justin woke up to this one!! 

Something glass broke but I didn’t know what… 

I was scared to turn on the lights, because I figured the cats broke something… 
We turned on the lights to see the brand new mirror I just got over the weekend shattered all over the floor. I wasn’t mad that the mirror broke I was nervous because the cats were so scared, and they were over by the broken mirror. So for the meantime I put a blanket over the mirror and got another house of sleep! 5 o’clock rolled around way to early for me!! 

Hope you all had a better Monday than me!! 

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  • Hate your cat got sick. Broken mirror – well that sucks. Hope you're not superstitious b/c I forget how many years of bad luck that is.

  • oh man, I hope your cat is better,and you can get a good night sleep

  • I have very lazy days.. could sleep all the time 🙂

    Love, The mind of an exchange

  • I hope your kitty is okay! Wishing you a more peaceful sleep tonight!

  • Saying hello from the GFC Lovin Blog Hop! I'm excited to follow your blog through GFC! I'd of course love if you checked out mine as well! Can't wait to read more!!


  • Oh no, I hope your cat is OK! And thankful that no one was hurt by the broken mirror. Hope you have a great holiday today. xo

  • So I've seriously been going through the same thing with my dog the past few nights! He must have the stomach bug or something. I don't know if I could have handled the broken mirror thing though. That would definitely have freaked me out! :/