Crazy Monday

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So last night Justin and I go to bed like every other night.. Justin falls asleep in minutes, and I sit there awake watching TV.

So I finally fall asleep, and I wake up to my cat coughing. This was at 12:30pm, Well she got sick… so I look at Justin sound asleep and realize I am going to have to clean up this one!

After that is all off the floor, I got back to sleep. 

1:30 rolls around and my cat got sick again.. realizing Justin is sound asleep I got up and cleaned it up off the desk chair.. I look around and I see even more on my bed.. Gross.. 

So my cat is so scared, so I stay up with her for a while and hold her, because you can just tell she did not feel good. So then I went to bed.. 

At 4 in the morning I herd a loud bang… It scared the crap out of me!! Even Justin woke up to this one!! 

Something glass broke but I didn’t know what… 

I was scared to turn on the lights, because I figured the cats broke something… 
We turned on the lights to see the brand new mirror I just got over the weekend shattered all over the floor. I wasn’t mad that the mirror broke I was nervous because the cats were so scared, and they were over by the broken mirror. So for the meantime I put a blanket over the mirror and got another house of sleep! 5 o’clock rolled around way to early for me!! 

Hope you all had a better Monday than me!!