Creating a lifestyle change

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Making a lifestyle change..

Making a life style change is exactly what I’m trying to do. I don’t want to go on a “diet” I want to be healthy (and of course loose wright) and for the past week that’s what I’ve been doing!! 
I have started counting every single calorie that I intake and it helps me so much! Knowing that something has 500 calories in it .. Makes me shy away from it. Right now I eat around 1350 calories Dailey. And to be honest it’s pretty easy. 
Breakfast- slick fast shake 
Lunch- a wrap or salad ( I always try to keep lunch at or around 300 calories)
Dinner- try to eat pretty normal since I eat super healthy during the day. 
Working out- JWK and I go on a lot of walks together and when we have time we will do p90x …
I can’t sit here and say my first week was easy… Because at some points I wanted to stop counting calories and eat what ever I wanted but the help from JWK really helped me a lot! 
It’s so much easier when you have someone behind you pushing you towards your goal. And I let my whole family know I’m trying to loose wright.. And they are all very supportive! 
My goal is to loose around 15 pounds.. Good news I lost 3 this week! 
When I reach 10 pounds down I  treating myself and getting my car detailed since its something I have wanted for a while now! 
Do you all have any ideas on fun work outs… Or how to loose weight?