It’s already Monday?

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
I did! I finally had a day off work, and it was wonderful!! 
I work pretty much 7 days a week, with only every other Sunday off!! 
So yesterday was a much needed day off!! 
We celebrated my sisters birthday! 
She turned 24!!! 
Her and her Boyfriend!! 
Me and My wonderful man! 
I do have some good news though! JWK got is police schedule, and he doesn’t work nights all the time!! He only works nights like once a week! And it makes me so excited! 
It makes it hard not being about to see each other all the time! But were both doing what we love, so it will all work out!! 
And I think it’s time for me and him to get a new car!!! 
Any ideas?? 
Happy Monday!!! 
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