I can get better any day now…

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Being sick, is honestly one of THE WORST things ever!! 
Calling off work 2 days in a row, is another horrible thing! 
If you all have a job like I do, I can only imagine how much work I’ll have sitting on my desk when I get back (hopefully tomorrow) 
I’ve been on the couch the past two days.. watching TV, I’ve caught up on Real House Wives of OC, watched too many HGTV shows… 
I am so ready to feel better.. 
Justin is at work.. he woke up at 4:15 this morning.. and probably won’t be home till 9.. and it will be like this for the next three days! 
I am starting to get bored without Justin… 
Any ideas to keep me occupied while my mans not home??
Him working over 60 hours a week, just started, and im already getting bored! 
I’m going to need a hobby!! 
Right now as i write this… I’m watching Toddlers and Tiaras.. And show drives me crazy.. but for some reason I watch it!! 
Tomorrow’s Friday!! But of course it does not matter for me.. I work Friday, Saturday & Sunday.. I think my next day off is next Sunday!! BLEHH!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!