I can get better any day now…

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Being sick, is honestly one of THE WORST things ever!! 
Calling off work 2 days in a row, is another horrible thing! 
If you all have a job like I do, I can only imagine how much work I’ll have sitting on my desk when I get back (hopefully tomorrow) 
I’ve been on the couch the past two days.. watching TV, I’ve caught up on Real House Wives of OC, watched too many HGTV shows… 
I am so ready to feel better.. 
Justin is at work.. he woke up at 4:15 this morning.. and probably won’t be home till 9.. and it will be like this for the next three days! 
I am starting to get bored without Justin… 
Any ideas to keep me occupied while my mans not home??
Him working over 60 hours a week, just started, and im already getting bored! 
I’m going to need a hobby!! 
Right now as i write this… I’m watching Toddlers and Tiaras.. And show drives me crazy.. but for some reason I watch it!! 
Tomorrow’s Friday!! But of course it does not matter for me.. I work Friday, Saturday & Sunday.. I think my next day off is next Sunday!! BLEHH!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  • Find a good book to read girl. I dont watch Toddlers and Tiara's for various reasons. I'm out of ideas of what you could do. If it's not house cleaning and tending to the dog and cooking. that's basically all i do. but feel better

  • You should watch The Devil Wears Prada. It's keeping me entertained. 🙂

  • Happy Friday! My Friday Flash Blog linky party is live @ The Jenny Evolution – a flash mob of blogs where you share your favorite posts of the week. Hope to see you there — you may just get highlighted next week!


  • I need to catch up on The Real Housewives! I'm soo behind! Hope you feel well soon!


  • Hope you feel better soon, hun! I normally read or watch my favorite movies when I'm not feeling well

  • How about something creative? Download Martha steward for iPad. She's got so many specialty mags, I love her stuff. Feel better!!