My Two Favorite Things Right Now.

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My Two Favorite Things are now…
1.) Ebay 
2.) Below Deck 
First I am falling in love with EBAY! 
I’m buying so much random stuff!! Everything is so cheap.. so I am guessing its not going to be the best of quality.. but we will see!! 
I’ve bought some scarves.. and some things for the kitchen!! And they were cheap.. so I don’t eve know how they will be when they arrive!! 
Don’t worry, I will let you all know.. and if you all ahve any tips about ebay let me know!!! 
The second thing… Below Deck.. I started watching this show and I really like it!! 
Of course it’s drama.. but its funny.. they are on a boat! haha if you haven’t watched it.. you might want too!! It’s really a great show!! 
Anywhoo.. Im sure you all saw the huge mess up on my last post about my wonderful fur babies.. so I deleted it and hopefully I will make another post that actually works!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day!!