Weekend Recap.. A Little Late..

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So, it’s Wednesday, and I am now just getting up my weekend recap.. 
Yes  I am a little slow this week! 
This weekend was amazing! 

Friday: I worked in the morning.. then it was DATE NIGHT! 
I’ve been planning this for over a week now!! 
It was amazing! Justin finally had a night off!! 
First we went out to dinner! 

My Good looking man!! 
We went to J. Alexander’s, their food is amazing!! 
Then we went to the Pandora Store!! 
And I got my charm!! 
One kitty for Abagail and One kitty for Isabella! 


Then we walked around the Out Door Mall that is around us! 
Then we went for ice cream!! 

Then the best of all… we went car shopping!!

With Justin having a big boy job, and me having a semi big girl job, we thought we would look for a new car!! 

I think we are leaning towards the Nissan Altima! 

I absolutely love this car!!
This is what we are thinking! 

I really want a white car with tan interior.. I am obsessed with that match.. But Justin not so much.. So I think we will be going with something darker..

What do you guys think??
Do any of you have Nissan’s? Or a new car that you love? 

Hope you all have a great day!

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  • Yay for car shopping!!!
    Sounds like y'all had a great date!
    My husband and I have not went on a date
    since we had our daughter. & she will be
    10 months less than 3 weeks! "/
    You posting this makes me want to plan out the perfect date for us & get a babysitter!
    Thanks girl!

  • Love pandora! and Nissans are pretty good cars. Their gas mileage is the best around, but thats about the only down side! Good luck with the car shopping!

  • Good pick! I drive a 2011 Altima and it's a great car. Good job on getting out for date night, those do wonders for marriages/relationships. Cute Pandora kitties, my husband wants to buy me a football charm for my Pandora bracelet, getting ready for football season!

  • That's awesome that you guys got to have a date night. 🙂 Those are very rare for me and hubs, so I really appreciate them.

    We have a Nissan Maxima and love it. And my mom loves her Nissan Sentra. Yay for car shopping. 🙂

  • You are going to LOVE the Nissan Altima if you get it!! We used to have one and I absolutely loved it, so much power!!

  • I am leaning towards Honda CRV, although I hate car shopping, it stresses me out!! xo Lauren of http://www.cornwellfam.com

  • I love that you had it in your datebook!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Sounds like an awesome date night! I know a few people who have Altimas and they all love it! Really jealous of your charm too, I need one for my kitties 🙂

  • What a fun weekend! We had a Nissan Titan and it was a great truck.