Happy Birthday Mommy!

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Happy Birthday Mommy! 
Yes I am 20 years old, and still call her mommy! (I probably always will!) 
My mom is the strongest person I know. 
She is always there for me, and knows exactly what to do to make me feel better! 
If I can be half the mother my mom is to me to my children, I will be so happy in life! 
My mother is like my best friend! We have always been close! I tell my mom everything! 
I love spending time with my mom, and when I am not spending time with her, I am talking to her, I talk to her on the phone over 3 times a day, we e-mail at work, and text all the time! 
It so so nice to be so close to my mom! 
And the best part, today is her birthday!! 
Happy Birthday Mommy! 
We will be going to get Pedicures together, and then shopping! Then over to her house for dinner cake and presents!! 

 Happy Birthday Mommy! 
Hope you have a wonderful day, and many more wonderful years to come!!