Cleaning Lady Crazy

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Do you feel like you have things to clean all the time or something always needs organized? 

Well that’s how I feel? Today is my last day off of work before I start school back up, and guess what.. I have to go into work! Such a downer! 
I feel like I have so much to do around the house! We moved in almost three months ago, and I feel like I would organize my whole house again! 
I try to keep everything very clean and tidy! When I was growing up, we had to make our bed every morning and have our room spotless before we were around to leave the house! 
And I think some of my parents rules rubbed off on me! I love things nice and clean! Everything has a place .. And if it’s not there.. Then it’s lost!  
Laundry! Is something that always needs done! ( If your like me you have double the laundry of normal people, because for me. If I wear it, doesn’t matter how long it goes in the dirty clothes. Or if I see ANYTHING on the floor it goes in the dirty clothes) 
Yes I may be a little OCD but that’s me! 
My list to get done today! 
1.) complete all laundry (clothes. Delicates, towels, sheets, and police uniforms)
2.) clean the bathroom ( shower, vanity toilet, floors) 
3.) sweep the whole house 
4.) shark the whole house (the shark is the best thing ever) 
5.) clean kitchen (wipe down fridge, and clean inside) 
6.) mow the grass 
7.) clean up outside 
8. ) sweep the garage 
9.) dust entire house 
10.) clean up after kitties!
11.) get ready for school! 
This is my normal list of cleaning. But my goal is to have my house spotless so when I start school I’m not stressed! 
What cleaning habits do you have?