Friday Letters..

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DEAR FRIDAY, thank you so much for being here!
I needed a weekend so much! 
DEAR COLLEGE, I actually like my classes! What? I
know I can’t believe I am say that, but yes my three hour law class was very interesting!
And.. I even spoke in class.. if you know me, that is nothing like me!! 
JUSTIN.. congrats on getting full time! It is crazy you will be able to retire
at the age of 50! I am so proud of you! But It does suck not seeing you very
often! It just makes me love the time I do get to see you that much more! 
MOMMY, thanks for thinking about me all the time! I love the little surprises
you get me! Thanks for the Columbia jacket, and the cute sweater from Banana Republic!
It means so much to me!
 DEAR WORK, you can slow down any time you want. Working
almost 45 hours a week, and going to class full time is a little much! DEAR
HOUSE, I love you so much.. but I wish you could clean yourself, (same with you
laundry!!) Yes, I’ll be doing laundry and cleaning tomorrow!!
after paying for you for three months, and not living there, I am so happy we
get to give you away tomorrow!! YAY!
 DEAR DORTHY LANE MARKET, thank you for the
yummy cookies!! I think that is Justin’s new favorite store!
thank you for letting me get some fall decorations today, I can’t wait to put
them up tomorrow!
 DEAR OUS FOOTBALL, I am so excited to watch you tomorrow at
noon! That means Fall is here!! GO BUCKEYES!!! DEAR WEEKEND, I wish I didn’t
have to work all weekend.. So here’s to not having another weekend!
you all have a wonderful weekend!!