Oh hello Monday..

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When I started to write the post.. I was going to write about how busy my life is.. And do all this ranting… And I thought about how lucky I am to be busy!

I have two jobs, which equal over 40 hours a week. Some people can’t even find jobs, and I am lucky enough to have two. 
I also go to school.. I am a full time student. Taking five classes. I have about 14 hours of classes every week plus homework. But I’m so lucky and I am able to send myself to school to better myself. 
I also have a house to clean, and keep organized! That in itself is a big task.. And then I realize, how many 20 year olds say they have to clean their own house? Not many, I need to remember how lucky I have it. And how hard I have worked to get this house!
Instead of dreading each day, I need to make the most of it! I need to remember how hard I work every single day, and how far I have come in the past couple years! 
When I went to sleep last night.. I was dreading today.. I work one Job from 9-2 my next job from 2:30-5 then class from 6:30-9:10. Then home to do homework! 
But I need to remember how good I have it. And if it wasn’t for me being busy I wouldn’t have the life I have!
I hope everyone had a great Monday! 
Enjoy every moment!! 

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  • I can understand you wanting to rant and complain sometimes that is an insanely busy schedule!

  • Whoa! So busy! Hopefully you get some you time every now and again.

  • This is a great reminder!! Thank you!

  • Good for you! I know I have found myself complaining about having to work but I need to remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have a job right now and there is someone who wouldn't complain about having to work. Taking a step back in life to get some perspective is sometimes just what we need.

  • Saying hi from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop! I'm tired after just reading all that you've got on your plate but I'm also happy for you. 🙂 Some folks have a difficult time in deriving the good when complaining is easier. Because you're totally right – we are so blessed to have some of the things we so easily can find ourselves murmuring over.

    Am your newest follower! Keep up the hard/busy work! 🙂

    Kate @ http://seriouslykateblog.blogspot.com