Penny .. Penny .. Penny

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Everyone welcome Penny to the Knight Household! 
This is how we got her…. 
The story goes like this.. 
My sister and I were going shopping, and we decided that we should go to the pound.. and that is where we met Miss. Penny 
I knew right away i had to have her! 
So I put her on hold, and told the place I would be back tomorrow morning.. 
Then i made the phone call to justin, and told him I found a god, and I went him to come see her! 
Needless to say.. I don’t think he was to thrilled! 
So I sent him a picture of her.. and his reply
Well how can you not think shes cute? 
That’s when i knew I was getting a dog!! 
I was so excited! 
So we went back the next day and got her! 
Now we have three fur children, and I could not be more excited! 

 She Loves playing Fetch!
Everyone say Hi to Penny!!

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