In The Blues..

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everyone! I miss you all so much! I hope to get back to blogging, but school
and work has taken over my life!
is going very well! I only have about 4 to 5 weeks left! YAY! Then it is Christmas
break! YAY again!
lately it has been rough. 
has been working all the time. And we just found out that he has to work
thanksgiving! It is such a bummer knowing that I won’t get to be with him on
thanksgiving.. and as his schedule is looking it looks like he will have to
work Christmas too.
tough, I love that he’s a police officer, and support him in every way I can.
But I do wish he could be home more with me! I miss him so much when he is
works 12 hour shifts.. and it takes him about 45minutes to an hour to get there…
so he is gone for about 13-14 hours! Then he comes home and sleeps, then goes
back to work the next day!
What to you guys do when you don’t get to see your
loved one?
PS. I promise to blog more!