Dear Friday…

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Dear Friday,
First off, I am so glad Friday is here! I need
it!  DEAR WORK… you have kicked my little
but! Between all the jobs going on, and only working part time! It is crazy! DEAR
PENNY… I love you dearly dog.. but will you please stop going in the house? I
don’t know how else to potty train her! DEAR BOYFRIEND… I am so glad that you finally
have a day off.. with you working these past 4 nights really made me miss you!
I think I have seen you for about a total of two hours this week! DEAR SCHOOL…
It is almost break.. I just have to keep telling myself I can do it!! DEAR
FAMILY… Thank you for always being here for me while Justin is working! I would
go stir-crazy if I had to stay at home by myself for all four nights! DEAR
HOUSE… I really wish you could clean yourself… that would be wonderful!! DEAR
BIRTHDAY… Your coming up so fast! Before I know it, it will be December 6th
and I will be 21!!
Most importantly… DEAR GOD… I pray every day and
every night that you heal my mom. I pray that her surgery goes well, and that
she will be able to enjoy Christmas without being in pain. I hope that all her
cancer goes away and never comes back! She’s gone through so much! I just pray
for her and my daddy for all they have to go through has a couple!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!