It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.. So Let’s Start With a Giveaway!

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The Best thing about Christmas.. Giving Gifts to People! 
And in blog world, her is the easiest way to give the gift of AD SPACE! 

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  • I would be lying if I said that I had a favorite thing in the holidays… We own a lodge where everyone comes on holiday – so I've never actually had a real holiday, but one day – I hope to have a people free holiday! LOL

  • giveaways are nice and would be even great if I'd win some. LOL

  • my fave thing about the holidays is that feeling you get and being with family and all.

  • Found your blog through a blog hop and am now a follower!

    Best thing about the holidays besides spending time with the Fam is setting up all of my holiday decor. Loveeee to do that!

  • Family is definitely my favorite thing how it brings everybody together!!! Also, all the coordinating and decor too.

  • Holiday music! And, it's our anniversary halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas. <3 (Just so you know the link for Instagram and Bloglovin on Rafflecoper aren't working)