Two Years Ago Yesterday

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Two years ago yesterday I met Justin!
And the story goes like this…
I had a job interview for customer service at the mall. I didn’t want
to take it, at all. My mom talked me into it. So I went to the interview and
got the job. I was told that I would start November 17th.
November 17th came rolling around..I got ready for work
and went in. Not knowing that I would be meeting the love of my life. 
I was sitting at the desk getting trained, and all the sudden this
tall man, with blonde hair & blue eyes walks up to me in uniform ( a girl
looovvees a man in uniform). He said “Hi” long behold this man is the SHYEST
man alive!
I knew right away I thought he was cute, and I would have to talk to
him! But he was so shy!
It took him about 2 weeks to get my number, and we hung out for the
first time on December 7th & he asked me out on December 18th.
Let’s just say.. the rest is history! 

Hope you all have an amazing week! 
It is so hard to believe that thanksgiving is next week!!