Top 5 moments of 2013

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The Top 5 Moments of

5.) Getting a job as
a designer

I may only be working
this job while I am in college, but I must say I really do love this job! It is
so much fun! I get to design bathroom & Kitchens! My favorites are

Here are some things
that I designed! 

4.) Justin Starting
at James Town

Justin got sworn in
at Jamestown police department! Being a police girlfriend is very hard! But it
is so worth it! 

3.) Getting Penny
& Isabella from the Pound

We already had one
cat named Abagail! In February we got Isabella & the end of September we
got Penny! We adopted all out animals from the pound, and it is so nice knowing
that we are helping animals out there! 

2.) Buying a new car

Justin got a brand
new Nissan Altima! I must say that I love the car! It is super nice! He doesn’t
let me drive it a lot, but when I do I really love it! When we got it, it had 5
miles on it! & when we were in Tennessee we hit 4,000 Miles!  

Getting our house

Getting our house has to be the best
thing ever! I love our house! We have put so much hard work into it, and I could
not love how it turned out any better than I do! There are always updates that
need to be done, but overall it’s the perfect starter house, & I couldn’t be
happier having a house with Justin!