When Life Hands You Ice… Add Salt!

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These past 2 days have been crazy! 
First I found out that I don’t start class until NEXT week! (That was a wonderful surprise) 
Then, leaving from work ( had to go to a doctor, because I have a wonderful, eye infection), getting into my car I fell and slipped on ice! 
I now have a huge mark on my back! I was so embarrassed! Lucky for me, no one saw!! 
So yesterday morning, I wake up & let my dog out. When we have snow on the group, we let Penny out without a leash. Well, today that was a bad idea! She started to run away! So picture this.. my wiener dog, me in a bath robe & flip flops running after my dog! Well we have a very steep hill in the back of our yard. Penny ran down that. So I ran down that too && fell!  
Yeah, I hope my neighbors didn’t see me
So yes, I am so over the ice && this snow! 
I hop everyone is having a better week than me!!