My first Weigh In

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I am so far behind on updating you on my weigh ins! 
But I wanted to keep you all updated so here it is! 
1/1/2014 Starting Weight: 177 
After one week of just eating healthy….. 
My weigh on 1/8/2014: 172 
I lost 5 Pounds!! 
I was so excited! 
Here are some of the things I ate during that week!
Breakfast: 2 Pieces of toast (2 Points) 2 tablespoons of PB (1 Point) Eggs (1 Point)

Toast (2 points) Spray on Butter ( 0 points) Eggs (1 Point) Banana (0 Points)

Lunch: Veggies (1 point) Carrots (0 Points) Chicken (4 Points) Salad with Light Dressing (0 Points)

Dinner: Green Beans 1 1/2 cups ( 2 points) Chicken (7 Points) Carrots (0 points) Baked Potato ( 5 points) 
Eating Healthy can be easy.. You just have to put your mind to it! 
Do you have any good ideas for healthy meals?