What Do You Do When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way?

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What Do You Do When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way?

Life can be hard, We all know it!
Life can suck, and sometimes life can be amazing! 

One thing I always know for sure is that my family & Boyfriend will always be here for me! 

I love spending time with my family! My mom is more like a friend then anything! & my sisters, well they are my best friends too!! 

Life can be hard, a lot of things won’t go our way, and we will never know why. 
& that’s the hard part, but only God knows why things aren’t going the way we thought they would! He always has has a plan for us, and even though we can not see it now, sooner or later we will see it.

Life can be hard, but always look to family & Friends to be there for you! 

How do you handle hard moments in your life?

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  • now a days it seems like i have shitty luck. but it happens to the best of us. and when one thing goes wrong its like everything goes wrong. all you can do is pray about things and have faith and trust in the Lord.


  • I lean on those I need most in down times and they never fail to help me. Hope everything gets better! PS loving this new blog design 🙂

  • This is true and beautifully written …for me, it ain't nothing chocolate or cold beer can't cure haha jk 🙂