Thinking about Giving Up?

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Thinking about giving up, on eating healthy & getting in shape? 


Remember This…

Change does not happen over night! It takes time! I have given up on getting healthy so many times in my life!

But, now I feel stronger than ever! I may not be at my skinniest weight, but one day I will! && I will not give up!!

I love being healthy & I will never give up on that!

What about you? Will you give up on being healthy? 

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  • wish i could get the motivation to eat better and to at least exercise daily.

  • It is soooo hard to wait for the changes to start showing themselves. I know I'm guilty of wanting to see results after one day on the healthy living wagon. But I also know it just isn't going to happen. The weight didn't pile on in a day (although sometimes it seems like it) so it's not going to come off overnight either. Sticking with it is tough but we can do it!