My Weekend In Review

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This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend for me!
 && It was exactly what I needed! 

Work has been really stressful! My co-worker and I are not getting a long at all, and it makes it very hard to enjoy work at the moment! 

Friday Night:: 

We had a romantic date at skyline!

It was nice to be able to sit down and eat dinner with Justin! 

After, our little date we went home and make smoothies & played cards!
 They were supper yummy!! 

Justin had to work til 6, so I had a exciting day, cleaning & doing laundry!

After that my friend that is going through the police academy came over to get some info from Justin! 

We got the guns out & Justin was trying to teach me some tips!

A couple that shoots together, stays together!
You can tell by my face, that I wasn’t 100% of what I was doing! 

A day full of being lazy, && studying for 2 midterms that I have this week! 
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!