Feeling Better About Myself…

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The start of the year, I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle for the better. I have written so many posts to show my weight loss, but what I don’t talk about is how I feel. I feel amazing about myself! I actually don’t dread picking out my outfits for work, because I am more comfortable in the outfits that I do wear. Shopping is even more fun! Trust me, I always loved to shop, but when you think your body looks like crap in everything, it can get un-fun really fast! But now, I enjoy trying on clothes! I just feel better about myself, I feel prettier! It is amazing what 20 pounds can do to your life! I makes the “dieting” part way easier when I realize since I’m not eating junk food, I just feel better about myself. People are starting to realize that I lost weight, and that always helps me keep up what I am doing! I am so proud of myself to say that I have stuck with my new years resolution! I think this might be the first time! 

Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution?