New Goal

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I am starting a new goal for myself… I want to be a morning person!! I want to be able to wake up early, enjoy the start of a new day… 
Right now I wake up 30 minutes before i have to leave, and I run around with my head chopped off, trying to get everything ready. 

This morning, I woke up 2 hours before I had to leave! It was amazing! I got ready (actually did my hair), I spent time with penny, and even did the dishes?!?! How amazing! I got to actually enjoy my coffee this morning!

So here is to waking up early, Enjoying my morning coffee with am fur babies, actually doing my hair and make-up for work, and to get my day started on the right foot!

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  • I am def a morning person now days! Having a kid has made me that. Even if i am still super tired from no sleep I am up and at it early in the morning. Once I have had my cup of coffee I am all good, & enjoying my full day. I feel like when you wake up early & do not sleep in, you actually feel better. You come to realize you have not wasted the morning/afternoon away in bed. & can get more done.

  • I'm a night owl. I dont know anything about mornings anymore b/c all I do basically is sleep.

  • I feel your pain girl! I love to sleep in but it is sooo nice to have the time to get a thing or two done around the house and have the time to spend on your hair and makeup. Just don't do what I do and spend all of your time on the computer and leave just enough time to run around with your head chopped off to get out the door. 😉