Starting To Look For A Big Girl Job…

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Hello everyone! Life has been in the way so I haven’t been writing in my little place and I really miss it! Finals are this week. I had one yesterday & I have one tomorrow.. and then I am on summer for a whole week. Then I start summer classes for 6 weeks. Boy, those 6 weeks can’t go by fast enough! 

Since I graduate in December, I thought that I should start looking for Big Girl Jobs! Nerve Wreaking to say the least! I don’t even know where to being! I am pretty open to any job, so I guess I will be applying anywhere && everywhere!

It is crazy to think after going to school for almost 20 years I will be done! I don’t really think I will know what to do! 

I need advice from all of you! What is your dream job? What job do you have now? How did you find it?